05.10.2018 - 08.10.2018.


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What signals Max Van de Voorde & Solange Acosta ’s tango expertise is that they are 2011 Stage Tango World Champions. Indeed, the 10th place in the Tango Salon category set another landmark in their professional careers in the same year.

Max & Solange have been dancing as a couple for the last eight years. During this time, not only have they obtained worldwide recognized awards but they have also worked for some of the most renowned Tango Houses in Buenos Aires such as Tango Porteno and Gala Tango. This young couple has been part of the tango companies like Tempo Tango, Bs.As. Pasión de Tango and Tango Fire. Currently they are part of Immortal Tango and Tango After Dark cast, both productions of the great choreographer Germán Cornejo.

Max & Solange’s professional experience extends to the teaching and training fields, since they have both taught and shared their wide knowledge in workshops at important tango festivals and international events around more than 30 countries including Italy, Japan, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Russia, Rumania, among others. They have also been invited as jury of the different Prelimimaries of the World Tango Championship.


Juan Manuel Rosales and Liza Rosales are international Argentine Tango teachers, artists and choreographers with a special style of their own. They have travelled the World dancing on stages of prestigious theatres and teaching in Tango Festivals all over Asia, Europe and Latin America. During their career they have formed part of various famous Argentine dance companies and performed in musicals, such as ¨Chantecler¨ by Mora Godoy, ¨Vibraciones del Alma¨ by Daniel Juarez and Alejandra Armenti, during 2013 they have worked as choreographers and lead dancers in show “Che Diego!” in Beijing, and from 2014 till 2017 have had the honor of working alongside one of the World’s greatest maestros – Sebastian Arce, as artistic directors in ARCETANGO ACADEMIA and co-coreographers and dancers in various shows and festivals.

At the present moment Juan and Liza are forming part of Tango x 2 company of Miguel Angel Zotto and Diana Guspero. Residing between Buenos Aires, Moscow and Italy travelling to Festivals in Europe, as well as performing with a Russian Tango Orchestra ¨Misterioso¨ touring between various Musical Theatres in Russia, with the orquestra "Tango in Vivo" and with the famous argentine bandoneonist Daniel Binelli. Since 2016 Juan and Liza are working with the famous Ukranian-Russian singer Nadezhda Meiher, choreographing and dancing lead roles in her Tango Concert ¨Historia de un amor¨.

Juan Manuel and Liza are not only a couple in tango - they are also a couple in life, which is where the name ¨Los Rosales¨ comes from. Together they form a perfect combination between technique, passion, love and Tango. Due to their broad experience they dance and teach many styles: tango-salon, milonga, tango-vals, tango escenario and tango nuevo.

For them Tango is a universal language, that has the power of uniting people regardless of their race, age, or nationality. Their aim is to share their experience and knowledge, and to help the students find the best in themselves.


Sergio Cortazzo started his tango studies in 1986 with important marking maestros like Juan Carlos Copes, A. Todaro, R. Dinzel, G. Naveira, Gloria and Eduardo, Esther and Mingo Pugliese, Pepito Avellaneda, and other maestros milongueros like Pocho Pizarro, Pupi Castelo, Miguel Balmaceda, Juan Bruno, Rodolfo y Maria Cieri, among many others. He was lucky to learn the secrets of an entire generation of milongueros that has almost disappeared, and overturn them into his own experience as a dancer and maestro.

He has performed in almost all the tango house show in Buenos Aires like: Casablanca, Michelangelo, Senor Tango, El Viejo Almacén, Taconeando, La Ventana, Piazzolla Tango and la Esquina Homero Manzi, where he was also the artistic director. He was part of the cast in prestigious tango companies and shows like Tangokinesis, Tango x 2, Tango Metrópolis, Tango Stylish Japan Tour, among others touring the world and performing in most principal theater and stages.

He participated as maestro in major tango festivals : Miami Tango Festival (USA), World Tango Festival (Bs As), Monza Tango Festival (Italy), Istanbul Tango Festival (Turkey), Wellington (New Zealand), Tarbes (France), Belgrad (Serbia), Napoli Tango Festival (Italy), Budapest (Hungary)

He is also serves as judge in the World tango championships.

Silvia Carlino is graduated as classical ballet dancer at Mara Fusco Studio, starts her studies of Tango in 2001with famous teachears as A. Aquino, J. Balmaceda, O. Zotto, Gavito, Gloria y Eduardo, A. Mantinian, L. Ermocida, C. De La Rosa e S. Rivero.

She has been part of the Fivizzano Tango festival and gave seminars in Kobe, Japan with E. Borgonovo.

From 2008 starts to teach and perform with Sergio Cortazzo in Italy, running a famous school in Napoli and the artistic direction of the milonga Ce Tango al Majestic.